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Surya Namaskara A (5MB)
Surya Namaskara B (6MB)

This is an audio file made from our bedroom in Mysore at about 4:00am.
We call it Sassy Bird! (400KB)

This is a Quick Time video of our neighbor 'Snake Shyam' and a cobra.
Mysore is cobra country and if you get a snake in your house, this is the guy to call.
The first link is 2.2 Meg / Second link is MUCH better quality but it's a big file - 20MB!
S N A K E !

More snake footage. Snake2 is a LARGE cobra being caught. Snake3 shows the hood of a cobra and
Snake4 shows the same snake having a drink of water.
Snake2 (5MB)
Snake3 (2MB)
Snake4 (3MB)

Tik Tok - This is the end of our intermediate practice.
Sorry, it's kinda dark - it was early...
Viparita Chakrasana (1.5MB)

People seem to get a kick out of the backbendy stuff.
This is the last backbend - can't quite get my knees on my own...
Spiderfingers (5MB)

A new friend asked if we take requests and wanted Karandavasana...
The Mighty Duck (3 MB)

Guruji says the five arm balances of 3rd are, "some little difficult."
This one took a loooong time in my body - hit my face a lot!
Ekapadabakasana A (7 MB)

One of the more intense backbends of 3rd - Guruji "fixed" this pose for me with a single adjustment.
Ganda Bherundasana (7 MB)

Insects-R-Us. Tittibhasana A,B,C,D
Bugz (9 MB)

Speed kills, but it makes yoga vids more interesting - we're doing eka & dvi pada of int. series.
Legbehindhead (5 MB)

Another fast video of marichyasana g&h from advanced b.
Marichyasana g&h (6 MB)

First three of 4th series at high speed. Mulabandhasana, nahushasana a,b,c & vrschikasana.
First 3 (4 MB)

Tik Tok and a little help - it's good to practice together.
Viparita Chakrasana (5 MB)

Gritty, grainy and dark. Monday practice unedited...
Part 1 (7 MB)
Part 2 (4.2 MB)
Part 3 (3.6 MB)
Part 4 (5.6 MB)
Part 5 (7.2 MB)
Part 6 (10 MB)
Part 7 (10 MB)

More gritty, grainy footage - the lighting is a little better...
This is the seated portion of primary, broken into three bits.
Part 1 (8 MB)
Part 2 (8 MB)
Part 3 (8 MB)

A request by David's student in SB - hope it helps...
Crawl! (600 KB)

Here ya go Erik!
Kapo a/b (4 MB)

Our friend Ralph wanted Mayurasana
Mayuras (1.2 MB)

Other Intermediate stuff
Tittibhasana ABCD (2.7 MB)
Vatayanasna (2.8 MB)
Parighasana (2.8 MB)
Gomukhasana (2.5 MB)
Supta Urdhva Padavajrasana (2.8 MB)
Mukta Hasta Shirshasana ABC (2.3 MB)
Pincha Mayuras (3.1 MB)